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By | May 9, 2020

During current roll-out, Microsoft has released new Preview feature called Analytics & Insights for Customer Service Module. Basically, this features are available as standalone like Customer Service Insight & Customer Service Analytics for Dynamics 365 in PowerBI.

Under this preview, both these features are brought inside the Customer Service Hub itself for better navigation & usability.

Let’s look at the steps to enable this feature & how to use it.

Steps for Enabling this Feature

Step 1: Go to Customer Service Hub -> Service Management -> Analytics and Insights -> Setting (Preview)

Step 2: Follow the on-screen steps to enable this feature, for Enabling the Analytics reporting switch the tab to Enable & wait for the provisioning to get over

Step 3: For Enabling the Insights, click on Get started button which will take you to the installation screen which will take some time for the Installation.

Step 4: Upon successful Installation you should get success screen as shown below.

How to use this feature

Now you are ready to use the Analytics & Insights feature within Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub.

Step 1: Go to Customer Service Hub -> Service -> Analytics and Insights -> Reports (Preview) to view the Analytics

Note: On this screen you have two tabs to view Case Summary & Agent Summary

Step 2: Go to Customer Service Hub -> Service -> Analytics and Insights -> Insights (Preview) to view the Customer Service Insights

Note: On this screen you have 5 tabs to view Home, KPI Summary, New Cases, Customer Satisfaction & Resolutions

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