D365 Marketing – Improved Customer Journey Experience

By | October 2, 2020

As a part of Dynamics 365 2020 wave 2 release series would like to showcase improvement coming in D365 Marketing Customer Journey authoring experience and how to use the same for quick & productive way.

Let’s understand each one of the improvements in detail & how to create new Customer Journey with new authoring experience

Step1 : D365 Marketing -> Marketing Execution -> Customer Journey -> +New

You will get new Improved Customer Journey authoring area with more designing real estate & on the go click option to define further steps

Step 2: Click on + icon in between Start & End process to define entire journey.

Step3: You can also create parallel multiple swimlane under same journey by clicking on + Add Swimlane

New authoring area also offers couple options like Redo, Undo, Expand/Collapse like features as highlighted in below image.

Lets look at the function of each icon highlihted here from left to right sequence

  1. It will help you easily Undo the changes made
  2. It will help you Redo the same steps in case you have deleted & want it back
  3. It will help you expand/collapse the authoring area for wider real-estate
  4. It will help you switch the layout from Vertical to Horizontal & vice-versa
  5. It will help you Zoom In/Out the layout for better visibility
  6. It will help you fit the entire journey in screen to review entire flow

Finally when you are ready with journey, you can see the entire flow as snapshot in one screen with refined icon to represent each steps for better visibility.

Step4: Now you need define the Start & End Date and time of the journey along with target audience like Contact/Account or Lead and finally make it Live post checking for errors if any.

Step5: You can now see the Customer Journey Insights of each steps by just clicking on the icon

Now you can see the insight against each steps defined in your journey & when you click on Send Email step you can also see details like volume, Delivery Funnel, Volume KPI’s, Delivery KPI’s and Email sent times grid without even visiting to that email template unlike in previous version.

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3 thoughts on “D365 Marketing – Improved Customer Journey Experience

  1. CO


    could you please tell me how customer journeys can be set up with target account?
    Do you create segment or subscription list with accounts then? and do all contacts of account then get e.g. @ campaign included in the CJ?
    Thanks for further clarifying that.



    1. Dani Manoj Post author


      Recommend to generate the Segment with target account based filters so that it keep adding all new accounts with same segment criteria, segment is more recommended as it allows to query the data using related entities as well

    2. Dani Manoj Post author


      In such case you should create Segment on contact entity with applying filter on Account entity by using related table drop down

      Hope this helps


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