Custom Sales Insight Cards to guide customers in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

By | December 1, 2019

Microsoft as part of continuous improvement of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has introduced Studio feature under Sales Insight module which can allow user to configure the Insight Card settings and create new Insight Card as per their need.

The Insight Card is designed to deliver the most important and relevant information in relation to what you are doing right now. The Insight Card works by analyzing all of the data at its disposal and generating a collection of action cards, each of which includes a message summarizing what the card is about, plus a set of links for taking action. The assistant sorts the cards by priority and filters them for your current context.

Follow the steps shown below to enable this feature & how to create new Insight Card

  1. Enable Sales Insights Features
  2. Create New Insight Card
Step 1: Enable Sales Insights Features

Before you can configure the features, you must accept the privacy notice to enable the configurations. To accept the privacy notice, follow these steps listed here.

1. Go to Change area and select Sales Insights settings within your Sales Hub App

2. On the Sales Insights settings page, select I agree from the Terms of service section.

3. The free Sales Insights features are enabled for your organization and you can configure features such as Assistant (free), Auto capture (free), and Email engagement (free).

Once enabled, you can click on Manage link on respective area to configure/manage the properties. In today’s blog we will touch Insight Cards which is now part of Studio

4. To enable or turn on the insight cards, select the cards that are grayed out and select Turn on cards.

Turn on Cards

5. To disable or turn off the insight cards, select the cards that are enabled and select Turn off cards.

Turn Off cards

6. To view more details of the cards such as preview of the cards, last modified time, turn on or off the card, and description, select the card.

Step 2: Create New Insight Card

Let’s take one use case for better understanding of this feature. Here we will create a Custom Insight Card which will highlight all such opportunities which are in their early sales stage but estimated closure date falling after 7 days, this clearly shows the inconsistency in the sales process & hence needs users/managers attention during the sale review.

Step 2.1: Click on + Create a new Insight Card

Step 2.2: We can either create a complete custom Insight Card by clicking on + Create from blank or we can also select one from ready templates offered by Power Automate, in the given use case we will use highlighted ready template to show an Insight Card when Inconsistency detected in Opportunity.

Step 2.3: Upon selection of template, it will ask for the credentials to connect both Common Data Service & Dynamics 365 Sales Insight. Upon providing valid credentials it will allow you to proceed further using Continue button.

Step 2.4: It will generate complete Power Automate flow with all required component in sequence with some predefined values which can be changed as per business scenario.

For better understanding, lets break this Power Automate flow & understand each block in detail along with their properties.

This block will help us define the interval on which this Cards will be generated, for this example we have selected once per week on every Monday.

Power Automate Block 1

This block will allow us to filter the data from opportunity entity basis on the criteria required by business, for this example we have defined filter query where Opportunity is in Open & still on ‘1-Qualify‘ stage & their Estimated Close Date is in after 7 days.

Power Automate Block 2

Filter Query: statecode ne 1 and stepname eq ‘1-Qualify’ and estimatedclosedate ge @{addDays(utcNow(), 7)} and estimatedclosedate le @{addDays(utcNow(), 14)}

This block will generate custom Insight Card for each opportunity record found in previous filter query with Inconsistency detected as card name and Opportunity Topic as Card title.

Power Automate Block 3

Finally, when this Power Automate will run, it will generate the custom Insight Card for all those opportunities which meets the criteria defined at Power Automate Block 2.

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