Contextual Custom Help Panes in Dynamics 365/Power Apps

By | January 12, 2020

Since Microsoft has announced the UCI as default interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, there was always a question as what will be a replacement of the contextual custom help which was available in Web UI known as Learning Path, but as always Microsoft has answered it well with Custom Help Panes in UCI.

Custom Help Pane in Dynamics 365/Power Apps UCI

Now, let’s look at as how to achieve the above output with step-by-step guide

Step 1: Enable the Custom Help Panes and Guided Tasks in System Settings under Administration

Administration -> System Setting

Once we enable it, navigate to any existing custom UCI application under Dynamics 365 & click on Help button from navigation bar as shown below

Note: This feature will not work with any UCI application shipped by Microsoft like Sales Hub, Service Hub, etc… It will only work with custom UCI application.

Step 2: On this pop-out screen click on the three dots & then select Edit option as highlighted in below screen

Step 3: It will open the Editor as shown below which will allow to enter the content using WYISWYG editor along with some component to make it more user friendly.

Now, let’s look at as how we can add different Components Available within Custom Help editor

Insert Section
Insert Image
Insert Video
Insert Links
Insert Coachmark
Insert Balloon

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