Assigning Power Apps per App Plan License to Users in your Organisation

By | February 23, 2020

Power Apps license types are changed again. There are two type of license that are of use and it depends on how many apps you want to roll-out. There’s the unlimited plan (Power Apps per User Plan), and the per app plan (Power Apps per App Plan). Visit for more details.

Steps to assign Power Apps per App Plan license is no longer straight forward like other Cloud License types of Microsoft. Purpose of this blog is to provide step-by-step guide on how to apply the Power Apps Per App Plan which provides access to two apps and one portal as per current license policy, which will probably be good enough for most organisations need.

Now, let’s look at as how to achieve the Power Apps per App license assignment with step-by-step guide

Step 1: Purchase Power Apps Per App Plan license for each required user.

Step 2: Assign the licenses to the environment in the Power Platform Admin portal, under the Capacity > Add-ons tab.


Note: User with any one of these roles (Global admins, Dynamics 365 service admins, Power Platform service admins) can only perform this action.

Step 3: Now go to and sign up for the PowerApps Per App Baseline Access license. This is free of charge and gives you 10,000 baseline licenses.

Note: This needs to be done by a user with Office 365 global admin role.

Step 4: Once you finish this Sign-up process, you should be able to see the PowerApps per App Baseline Access license along with all other licenses your organisation has.

Step 5: Office 365 admin can now assign this license to the required users so that those users can now access the Dynamics 365/Power Apps based Apps from provided they have proper roles assigned within Dynamics 365 User list.

Most of the above steps are one time activity, however if you need to add new users to Dynamics 365, you’ll need to simply follow the Step 5 for that user.

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